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PoKe Maciej

PF - Free Theme: I can't post my screenshot

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Hello! I have simple problem. I can't post anything here:

I'm really angry because in this post it says that I can publish my screenshot until 15/11/2018 and that day is tomorrow. I want to post my screenshot and I can't do it. What can I do in that situation? (I'm really sorry for my every grammar mistake that I made here)



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grammar mistakes

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Hi, @PoKe Maciej

As you can see, that edition has ended. You can participate in the new edition now: Hunting time!

Paparazzi Frenzy always open and close during Wednesday, so we made a mistake with the day stipulated in the Deadline. Still, if you observe the "Locks on", it clearly said that it would close on the 14th.

We will be more attentive with the date in the Deadline in future editions, sorry for the inconvenience.

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