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22/11/2018 - Soulbreakers, Glutton World Rebirth, +10 Upgrade

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● The arrival of the Soulbreakers
● Glutton World Rebirth
● Expanded upgrade limit








We are happy to announce the arrival of the Soulbreakers! From now on, you can try your luck with these crystals full of power. When you break them, the brightness of their interior is released and you can get a fantastic reward.

If you are lucky enough, your Soulbreaker could contain a valuable Soul energy. These magical items can be exchanged in Lucy for the rarest prizes. Learn more about the Soulbreakers here:




You can get them in Item Mall. There you can find several types of Soulbreakers, you must choose the one that contains the magical items that you prefer!





If you get a Soul Energy, meet Lucy in Rocco Town and exchange it for a fantastic prize!


  • From the Empyreal Soul Breaker you can get angel wings, demon wings, spiritual wings and golden wings:





  • From the Burning Soul Breaker you can get Burning Wings and the new Burning Guard Costume:








Perhaps many of you still remember this wonderful world. This is the place where the Gluttons live, from where they travel to our world thanks to their portals. Formerly, the Glutton world was only accessible for a short period of time each year, but now...

You can access whenever you want!




Thanks to the efforts of the researchers in Rocco Town, now Lucy can create the Glutton spheres, magical relics necessary to travel to the Glutton world. Keep in mind that you can only buy and use three of them each day in each character.






Among all the recent news, we would also like to announce about the new upgrade limit for all weapons and armor. From now on, the maximum level of improvement is +10. This means that your equipment can become even more powerful than it is now, but not so fast! Because to achieve this special upgrade level, you will need an unusual material, the [Gold Etherite] 3Tahy8U.png.

You will need this special Etherite if you want to continue improving your equipment to the new limit. But do not worry! You can get this item as a usual drop from the Gluttons in the Glutton World.




When you manage to improve your equipment to +10, you don't only get more statistics than usual, in addition, you will have five bonus spaces. You read it well! Both your weapon and your armor may have five different bonus, and you will not need to sacrifice one to have another never more.

And that's not all. Since the improvement system now has new limits, improving any piece of equipment is now easier than before.







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