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[BurningSW] Learn about Soulbreakers!

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  ●  What are the Soulbreakers?

Soulbreakers are large crystals that hold a vibrant power inside. It's still unknown how they are generated, but they can only be found in deep excavations, and there are very few of them. When you break one, the power of its interior is released, and its owner receives a magical item.


  ●  How can I get Soulbreakers?

You can get them in Item Mall. There you can find several types of Soulbreakers, you must choose the one that contains the magical items that you prefer.


  ●  What are the magical items?

Items that can be very useful in your adventure. Also, if you are lucky enough, your Soulbreaker can contain a Soul energy. Lucy can exchange your Soul energies for the rarest and most unique magic items. Below in this thread, we will explain in detail which magical items can contain each type of Soulbreaker.





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