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[Burning SoulWorker] FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about BurningSW


Q: Define "Burning SoulWorker".
A: Burning SoulWorker or Burning SW is the world's first and only SoulWorker private server.


Q: Why Burning SoulWorker and not others?
A: We provide higher rates on AR cards and brooches, B-Coin is also cheaper compared to its official server counterpart.
   We also give you higher XP, in-game currencies, and drop rates, a reworked FP system, and more!


Q: How does the "reworked FP system" work?
A: You get FP as you usually would, and while your FP is higher than 0, you recieve the server bonus to XP, in-game currencies, and drop rate. If your FP reaches 0, the bonus will not be applied but you will still be able to play!


Q: How do I download and install Burning SoulWorker?
A: Easy, head to https://soulworker.to/download/ and download and install the launcher. From there just wait until the game is downloaded and patched and you're ready to go!
   Make sure you have an in-game account created at our homepage (Forum and in-game accounts are different).


Q: Where are your servers hosted?
A: Burning SoulWorker is currently hosted in Western Europe on high end dedicated servers.


Q: Where can I see a list of the current Burning SoulWorker GMs?
A: Click <HERE> for a list of our staff.


Q: Suggestions, do you take them or ignore them?
A: The team will do its best to get them in the game, but as of now, we are more concerned with making your playtime more enjoyable fixing bugs and bringing updates.
   Please be advised that we don't have a huge developement team, and if ideas are greenlit it may take some time to get them in the game.


Q: Where do I report rulebreakers?
A: Click <HERE>  to read the Community Guidelines to make sure you really are reporting a rulebreaker and report on [Reports].


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