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11/02/2019 - Heart Breaker, Valentine's in Cloudream

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● Valentine's Heart Breaker
● Sweet Confectioner Costume
● Valentine's Event





A new Soulbreaker arrives at item mall, this time to commemorate the holiday of lovers.
Do not miss the opportunity to obtain the girl-exclusive Sweet Confectioner and Sweetie-Pie costumes!

Do not stay behind! Because it will only be available until the end of the Valentine's Event.




Available until: February 20


 If you get a Special Tickets, meet Lucy in Rocco Town and exchange it for a fantastic prize!


From the [BurningSW] Sweet Confectioner Ticket

Available for Haru, Lily, Stella and Iris

INfYz0s.png Gesture: Sweet Confectioner



From the [BurningSW] Sweetie-Pie Ticket

Available for Haru and Lily

dyPnCou.png Gesture: Sweetie Pose 1      IRJG3vh.png Gesture: Sweetie Pose 2







The Sweet Confectioner costume will be available in Item Mall until February 20, for Haru, Lily, Stella and Iris.

❝   The sweetest chocolate is the one made by fine hands. Give the best to your loved ones!  


Price: 9.800 :bcoin:

INfYz0s.png Gesture: Sweet Confectioner


Available for Haru, Lily, Stella and Iris







  The Valentine's event has finally arrived at Cloudream!

Lucy is crazy about Valentine's cakes! Although she can't eat them, she loves the spirit of the holiday, and can't avoid keeping them. Help her get many, and you will get many great rewards in return!


The event will be active from now, until February 20





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