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[Burning SoulWorker] Donation Guide

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Donating with PixelGameCard (PGC)

WARNING: Do NOT buy $1 USD cards, Burning SoulWorker does not support the $1 USD card feature of PGC.


About PGC

PixelGameCard is a prepaid game card solution designed to be robust and anonymous.
The registration only requires an e-mail and a password, it will not ask you for your name or any other personal information.

PGC's system will automatically have the ability to ban your BurningSW account if a chargeback occurs with the ban reason "PGC Chargeback".
If you believe you have been accidentally banned, you can contact their support to clear it up.


What is B-Coin (Burning Coin)?

B-Coin is the donation currency used in Burning SoulWorker, which is cheaper than that of any official publisher.



1.) Head to PixelGameCard.com and register an account.

2.) When you have successfully registered your account go to your e-mail and verify the account with the verification link that's inside the mail.

3.) With your now verified account log in using the login panel.

4.) To purchase a new card you can click the "PURCHASE" button on the left side of the menu, select a payment gateway and option, and finish your purchase.

5.) The card you just purchased will show up in your purchase history.
To access the purchase history click on "ACCOUNT" in the menu, and then "View all my purchases".

6.) You can click "View Card" to get the rest of the information about your card.
"Card Code" is the code that you will need to get your B-Coin on Burning.

7.) Head onto our website at soulworker.to and click on the "DONATE" button.

8.) Fill in the Burning SoulWorker username and password, and Card Code you received earlier then procceed with the donation.
When the card is redeemed you will recieve a notification saying "Successfully added point to your account, enjoy!".

Thank you for supporting Burning SoulWorker!


The cards have a 14 day expiration period, so please use them in 14 days or they will expire. If your card expired unintentionally you can contact PGC customer support for renewals.
Please purchase PGCs in a legitimate way, buy them yourself and not via other players because if that player does a chargeback you will most probably be banned.

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