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10/05/2019 - 1/2 Stamina weekends, Primal hero

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Patch index

● 1/2 Stamina Weekends

● Changes and fixes

● 300 Playtime Years Reward







During all Saturdays and Sundays starting from now, the use of general Stamina will be 50% reduced.
Enjoy a weekend full of action, now with more experience and drops!






     ■  Primal Hero is now accessible from a new portal in Golden Citadel
     ■  To be able to enter Primal Hero, you can buy the permit at Lucy.






Among the entire Burning Soulworker community, 300 years of playtime have been achieved. That's a lot of time! Do not you think? Therefore, the BSW team have decided to send everyone a reward to celebrate. Do not forget to check HEMS!





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