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How to make In game account ?

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(i)ย Go to https://soulworker.to, at first glance, you would be easily to spot the "REGISTER NOW"ย highlighted in orange.

(ii)ย Press theย "REGISTER NOW" button like how any other normal person would, there should be a sudden pop-up of another window that asks you to input the username, password plus a repetition, and the e-mail address that you want. It also asks you to do a quick captcha which should be easy.

(iii)ย Enter those details in the in-game login screen. I'm not sure if you have to verify with the e-mail address that you've entered but it should be a self-explanatory step from there on.

Additionally, if you plan to join the Burning SoulWorker's discord server, you would need to have a forum account (the one you have right now) to verify your identity in the discord server. Have fun playing!ย 

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