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24/05/2019 - Revamped Megaphones

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Patch index

● New Megaphones
● Changes and Fixes








From now on, the Megaphone system will be divided into two types of items:


TLVg8iU.png Common Megaphone: This version will work like the usual megaphones.
unknown.png Ultra Megaphone: It will make your text show with a random color when you talk in the chat.


TLVg8iU.png Common Megaphone will take 5 minutes Cooldown to be able to use it again. In contrast, the unknown.pngUltra Megaphone will only take 1 minute, besides adding color in your text. You can get the first through normal drops in any dungeon, and you can buy the second at Item Mall for the price of 100 :bcoin:.






     ■  Removed all current Megaphones.
     ■  B-coins refunded for Megaphone purchases.
     ■  Drop chance for Common Megaphones has been established at 5%.
     ■  Moderators and Staff will have their own prefix in Megaphones.






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