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Glitched Jin Portrait

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So, very simply put, I purchased the Holy Nights portrait for Jin, the store took my B-Coin. But I didn't receive the portrait. Is this a known issue?

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You probably received it, it comes into your inventory and you have to use it. Check ur tabs and then use it.

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Haven't bought portraits yet, but it might be similar to hair-colors/hairstyles, which appear right in the profile tabs. 

1) Try to look in your inventory if you haven't missed it by a chance as Nox mentioned

2) Relog to make sure everything is refreshed

3) Open up your profile (default hotkey should be "P") and then in the bottom right corner of this window, there should be like 3 buttons like "appearance" "info" and "portrait", so just hit portrait and they should be here. (Or if I got the buttons little wrong, just search in your profile, gotta be here somewhere).


If it's really not anywhere to be found, write a support ticket regarding your problem. Cheers.

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