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skill description incompatible

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In case you don't know, Chii has been nerfed. There are many more of her skill where her actual damage is lower(and cooldown longer) than in the description, not just that skill.

For detail ,watch 

, re-balance part 

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Hey, it is true, skill descriptions are currently a mess and everything that got changed post 1.2 iirc has a messed up in-game description. For that reason, it's better to look on KR youtubers and what things changed, then check here to compare how much is their and our content different to make a final summary out of it. You could also try to look for some translated patch notes, I believe Vorpal posted some of them somewhere here on the forum. Lastly if you're unsure about something regarding skills, feel free to ask fellow players or us up in discord or in-game~ 

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