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After several months in the make in... Our very first and biggest update to our systems is finally here! New maps, new characters, new mechanics, and a lot of new interesting features! Tons of new content that took us a lot of sleepless nights to prepare, a lot of days were we could've went bald, but it's finally here, finally we're catching the official servers in content.

Please take in mind that's our first time working on such a big update, so the maintenance might took a long while! We're going to keep announcing the status on the discord server, so stay tuned!


Discussion thread: 



●  Iris Yuma

●  Grasscover Camp

●  Class advancement

●  PvP System (D6)

●  New ARs / Brooches

●  Referral system

●  First donation system

●  General changes

●  New item mall



Before starting with the important changes that the new version will have, we'll make this paragraph to inform that all the players will get a compensation: not only for the time required to implement the new update, but for all the bugs that we couldn’t fix before. We, the Burning Soulworker staff, apologize and thank you for your patience.

The compensation will be sent through HEMS (once per account), and will be the following:

●  bRKW1qi.png  x10 QBD

●  wGLh21J.png  x10 Glutton AR cubes

●  acOaoPp.png  x15 Energy converters


Iris Yuma


A girl who has lived a life of oppression and temperance under strict rule and tradition of a prestigious family. While bearing all these things, the seeds of the anger were sprouting.

In the midst of this, as we lost all of our houses, the anger that has accumulated over the years explodes, and this ability is exercised through this.


After a lot of time remaining in the void ... she has finally come to stay!

Iris Yuma uses an Artillery-Bombardment Hammer as a weapon. She has control over enemies with her overwhelming fire powers, and besides that, she is capable to get her jobs done against masses amounts of enemies by wide-scaled attacks and crowd control. She will be available from now on as a new playable character!

To commemorate her arrival, our game icon and initial loading screen will be Iris themed!

Take a look!



Grasscover camp


With our new level cap established in 60, Grasscover camp is a new area that will be available from now on as the level 55-60 map. You can access from the Rocco town portal once the main quests in Ruin Fortress are completed, and it contains four new dungeons with completely new sets to obtain.




In Grasscover camp, you will get another new quest line and the indispensable class advancement quest; but remember, it will only be available for Haru, Lily and Erwin until future updates. But it's better not to reveal surprises! You will have to play to know more about this area and all the content it feature!


Class advancement


The class advancement is an "evolution" of the characters that grants new passive and active skills, and even additional extensions for existing ones. When you reach level 57 and finish the quest-line until Dreadful Echo in Grasscover camp, you get a red quest from Miriam or Martin (depends of each character) that gives you access to class advancement when you complete it. For now, only Haru, Lily and Erwin have class advancement, but other characters will have it in future updates!

When you get the class advancement you also get an "ALL skills reversal" for free, so don't be afraid of distributing points before that!


Erwin’s advancement


Haru’s advancement


Lily’s advancement



PVP system in District 6


The PvP system will be active in District 6 from now on! Players can face each other while they aren't in one of the four safe zones corresponding to each city. Each player will have a Super Armor bar for those who don't want to get involved in fights and just want to change from one city to another.

But don't worry! If PvP is not your taste and you only want to mobing, you can make groups. When two or more players are in group, they are unable to hit each other. But still, remember that District 6 is an "lawless" area.


New AR cards and Brooches


The ARs are going to have a drastic change from our old version. From now on, we will have ARs up to 5 stars to obtain! And cards that we already had like: Glutton army, Rita and Big Puppet will suffer changes in their star level too. All of them will be available trought AR cubes as usual!

In addition to the new AR, our Item mall also welcomes new types of Brooches. Until now, we only had the "SD" type, but now you can choose between the "FOT" and "BSK" type. Each type of Brooch has different stats and also very different set bonuses, you must choose the one that suits your playstyle!

BSK type: OyBq6Cs.png?1            FOT type: lGmJBPO.png?1


Referral system


From now on, Burning soulworker will have a referral system! You can receive unique rewards for inviting your friends to play on our server; which will increase for each friend you invite!


The rewards will be the following, and both you and the invited person will receive it:

●  First time: 2000 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Second time: 2250 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Third time: 2500 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Fourth time: 2750 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Fifth time: 3000 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Sixth time: 3250 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Seventh time: 3500 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Eighth time: 3750 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Nineth time: 4000 nF55mCC.png?1

●  Tenth time: 4250 nF55mCC.png?1


First donation system


Next to the referral system, our server will also have a donation reward system. Everyone who donates for the first time, or has already donated will receive the following rewards:


●  OZHPYJr.png  x1 6 AR cubes package   

●  aaJxqeg.png?1  x1 Deluxe AR cube   

●  XSkOhMT.png?1  x2 Inventory expansion ticket   

●  WdcBJXb.png?1  x2 Bank expansion ticket   

●  SGI84Bq.png  x1 Glutton backpack




New item mall


Along with this great update, the Item Mall also gets a great renewal. An improved and more efficient interface, more style variety, new avatar sets and even custom packs will be available from now. Also, our prices are now much cheaper and fair! Let's take a look at some changes:


New prices in consumables

Stringent accident call: 100 → 50

First-class Stringent accident call: 400 → 100

Rescue kit: 200 → 50

Rescue kit EX: 400 → 100

Nano care kit: 300 → 100

Nano care kit EX: 600 → 150


New prices in avatar packages

3 pieces avatar sets:  5900

4 pieces avatar sets:  6750

Complete avatar sets:  7500

Emoji avatar sets:  9800

The new prices will be applied to all available sets.


New prices in avatar pieces

Shoes: 2400 → 1750

Hats: 2400 → 1200


New prices in style

Hairs: 2500 → 1500

Hair colors: 2500 → 500

Eye colors: 1700 → 1000

Skins: 2500 → 500


New prices in room packages

Furniture sets: 16000 → 9000

Interior sets: 12000 → 6000


New prices in plant items

Shining trowel: 3500 → 1750

Plant nutrient: 1000 → 500

Plant preservative: 1000 → 500


New brooch packages

5 cubes sets:  4250

10 cubes sets:  8250

30 cubes sets:  21450

50 cubes sets:  31450


General changes

●  As you know, now the level cap will be 60 instead 55.

●  The gameplay has changed drastically. Not only the overall difficulty has increased, but now we have a completely new system of “difficulty modes” in each dungeon: as well as the elementary mode in the raids.

●  With the new increase in the difficulty, we also receive advantages like the free daily revival. Although in the old version it's difficult to lose all your HP, now it's something that can happen easily; hence, you will have three daily revivals for free!

●  The cooldowns of the Medical boxes have also changed! You will not have to wait so long to heal yourself in dungeons, now it's only 5 seconds!

●  Here’s a change that we all wanted: now you can open all types of RNG boxes from 10 to 10, as you can also buy and craft items with numerical systems. Life will be easier!

●  There are many changes in the interface, but what matters is that you can use the AR cards without use the Control key now, and you’ll also have two additional slots for consumables!

●  The elements and the grades are two new mechanics that will affect the gears from now on: especially at high levels. If you're not familiar with these mechanics, don't worry! The staff will take care of creating guides in the forum about it.

●  Unfortunately, the supports will no longer be available from now on. This is because we have switched to the KR version of the game, and they are not implanted there. Apparently, they plan to replace them with "pets" in the future, but we don't know when it is planned, and we can't recover them in any way.

●  Now, the elite mobs will have an orange glow that will differentiate them from the common mobs and bosses.


Fixed bugs

-- The infamous party bug is finally fixed!

-- Solved the "don't talk to me!" bug when you skip NPC texts so fast.

-- The name change ticket for guilds is now functional.

-- Solved general animation issues.

-- The AR cards (cube type) now remain permanently on the IO list.

-- Improved technical performance: less crashes, better and smooth gameplay.

-- Improved interface performance: fixed delayed clicks, removed general lag.



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